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Hairdressing furniture and aesthetics
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Integral Service For Hairdresser’s Furniture: Manufacturing, Sale, Distribution And Design In Three Dimensional Animation.

We have at our disposal every necessary item to set up a hairdresser’s lounge starting from the scratch, encompassing all the products and high quality furniture for the hairdresser’s, thus assuring you to create the ambiental space that you wish, according to the taste and needs of the clients , without renouncing to anything and without a need to get in contact with different distributors and to take steps to manage how to dress the lounge and to get all the working tools necessary to develop the profession.

Furniture And Products For Hairdressing Business: Seats, Hair Driers, Head Washing, Armchairs And Dressing Tables. Everything You Need To Set Up Your Aesthetics Lounge

We offer an integral service in the market of the hairdressing and aesthetics furniture: sale, distribution, custom-made studies and specialized assessment. According to the needs of the client, we can offer every type of furniture, equipment, accessories, tools and any kind of cosmetic product within the aesthetics sector: ranging from a high standard hair drier, up to the three dimensional design of the whole lounge.

Specialized In The Design Of Simulations With Images In Three Dimensions.

Simulation In 3D. Since The Beginning Until The End, For Every Possible Style And Colour.

We have at our disposal an specialized department to design, that will assess you in each and every step for the renewal or starting of the lounge operation. Our specialists are in permanent contact with our clients to design the drawings starting from their needs and resorting to their preferences. Our guarantee of satisfaction is based in a system of representation and simulation in three dimensions, for you to see exactly the aspect that your lounge will have, and for you to perform the changes you need, and transform and redesign, throughout the process, until attaining the design and composition that you may like. From this moment on we manage to start, develop and finish the project.

Furthermore, we have a Show Room, inside which, with professional and close attention, you will be able to get to know in person every new item of our furniture, equipment and tools for hairdressing business. Just as well we show the last trends of the market and our promotional products.